Hookah in Estonia, Tallinn

Everyone loves to smoke a hookah after a long work day. Our hookah are the pride of our club.

Believe us, we know how to prepare hookahs.
estonia vesipiibubaarid

* Maximum speed of hookah preparing

* We use professional hookahs

* Only coconut coal

* We use only pure, filtered water + ice

* We cool the tubes and water to get the cleanest taste

We also give aesthetics to our hookahs

You can order a hookah with:
tellida vesipiipu

* Grapefruit

* Orange

* Milk or choose any drink from the bar


Make your choice yourself

If you want to sit in a private room and smoke a hookah like at home, then we invite you to the VIP room, where there are soft sofas and cozy atmosphere

If you want to go off, we will make the music louder!

Why our hookah lounge?

* Best safety (our security will not let you get offended)

* Tasty hookahs of your choice or on the advice of a professional

* A free photographer will reming you of your evening (if you wish so)

* Discounts!

Discount on hookahs!

Do you want us to give you a 10% discount on any hookah? You do not need to bring any friends or do any other promoting, you just have to mention, while ordering a hookah, that you learned about us from this website. Everything is very simple.

We are waiting for you

Tallinn, Eesti, Tartu mnt. 29

You can also reserve a table and order a hookah online